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Our History

The history of hardwood rule manufacturing at Skowhegan Wooden Rule Co., Inc. actually began in 1869, when E.T. Lufkin founded the E. T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Company in Cleveland, Ohio, and began manufacturing operations there.  In 1883, the Lufkin Company expanded and moved to Saginaw, Michigan.  During the decades that followed, Lufkin added steel and woven measuring tapes, various metal and wooden folding rules, miscellaneous specialty rules, dial indicators, and electronic measuring equipment to their original line of hardwood rules, becoming the largest manufacturer of linear measuring devices in the world.

In 1951, Lufkin purchased the Anson Stick Company in North Anson, Maine, to satisfy its desire to locate operations near the best sources of raw material for its products. The Hard Maple harvested in Maine’s northern forests was considered superior and by the late 1960’s, Lufkin had consolidated all wooden rule manufacturing operations there.

In 1967, the Lufkin Company was purchased by Cooper Industries and added to the Cooper Hand Tools Division.  Cooper marketed folding wooden rules as mass market items but viewed the original E.T. Lufkin product line of flatwood rules, lip rules, and “L” squares as industrial items and offered them through their catalogue only to industrial distributors and users

By 1998, Cooper had moved the printing, assembly, and packaging of folding rules to its main facility in Apex, North Carolina.  Lack of broad market exposure and industry shifts had gradually reduced the demand for flatwood rules, lip rules, and “L” squares to minimal levels. At that point, Cooper decided to sell the Anson plant and to discontinue the manufacture, promotion, and support of Lufkin’s original lines.

We, the Meisner family purchased the Anson plant from Cooper Industries in 1999, primarily to obtain the sawmill and kilns to produce wood for other manufacturing facilities in Maine. Included in the sale was all of the equipment and the process instructions required to produce the discontinued Lufkin products. On the day the sale was finalized and in the weeks that followed, we were contacted by a number of distributors and industrial customers and asked to continue to manufacture flatwood rules, lip rules, and “L” squares. Demand appeared small but consistent. We decided to gradually rebuild rule manufacturing and the Skowhegan Wooden Rule Co. Inc., was formed to promote and market these products.

Since 1999 we have been able to re-employ some of the skilled local workers who had spent generations crafting these products. We have completely rebuilt and refined the rule manufacturing process.  We have not, however, relaxed any of the standards that made E.T. Lufkin’s original rules so desirable.  The maple is still the finest quality produced in Maine’s western mountains; each piece is still hand selected and inspected.  The rule tips, lips, fittings, and fasteners are still all solid brass and the graduations, numbers, and markings are engraved into the wood (not printed on it) and blackened by hand to last a lifetime. Finally, each rule is carefully finished to bring out the beauty and personality of the wood.

We think E.T. Lufkin would be proud.

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