Glass Cutter Lip Rulers

Glass Cutter Lip Rulers, Professional Glass Cutter Wooden Rulers

48-144 inch Glass Cutter Lip Rule
$91.50 – $282.75
(See Price Chart Below)
Glass cutter lip rules are used extensively by glass cutters and glaziers, steel mills, foundries and metal workers.


• One-piece, hand-selected hard maple, properly seasoned, smooth and well finished with a clear protective coating
• One end with an extruded brass lip or flange, extending 3/8″ from one flat surface of the rule, attached by four rivets extending through both side plates. Opposite end has an inlaid brass cap attached in the same fashion.
• On upper face, zero falls at the inside of the lip; on lower face, zero falls at the opposite end of the rule
• Bold markings engraved into the wood
• Graduations marked on both sides, and on both edges
• Graduations in 1/8th inch increments

0734848” Glass CutterLip Rule3/8in x 2in x 48in$91.50
0737272” Glass CutterLip Rule3/8in x 2in x 72in$125.00
0739696” Glass CutterLip Rule 3/8in x 2in x 96in$195.00
73120120” Glass Cutter Lip Rule3/8in x 2in x 120in$239.00
73144144” Glass CutterLip Rule3/8in x 2in x 144in$282.75
A glass cutter lip ruler
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