Timeline Growth Rulers

Handcrafted Timeline Growth Rulers

Handcrafted Timeline Growth Rulers

Young girl admiring her height on Timeline Growth RuleTreasure the precious moments of your child’s growth with a beautiful keepsake! Our beautiful wooden Timeline Growth Rulers are a truly unique way to create a permanent record of your child’s growth and development. Make your memories last forever with your very own 6′ 6” solid maple Timeline Growth Ruler.”

Our skilled craftsmen produce these rules using the same premium quality materials and production methods that were developed and perfected by the forebears of our company: methods that have been continuously practiced since 1869.

The wooden rulers are cut and molded from select Sugar Maple, the species preferred by generations of toolmakers for its superior strength, stability and appearance.  Numerals and markings that appear on the face of each rule are not printed superficially on the surface; instead they are meticulously engraved deep into the body of the rule and then hand-filled with pigment to create permanent graphics. Inlaid end caps are machined from solid brass and are carefully fit, flush-mounted and pinned to each end of the ruler. Finally, the entire rule is sealed and then rubbed to a beautiful satin luster. The finished rules are heirloom quality, and each will develop its own character and coloring as it ages, becoming more beautiful with the passage of time.  A wonderful family keepsake.

Our rulers make great gifts for your child, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew.

A truly unique baby shower gift, baptism gift, or birth acknowledgment.

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ReviewerEnclosed is my payment for a timeline ruler. When I was little my father kept track of the growth of my brother and me on the door frame in our kitchen.  When we moved we were devasted that we couldn't take it with us.  It was 67 years ago and I remember it well. I hope my grand daughters like theirs half as much as I did.

James Sebring, Florida Growth Ruler

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Timeline Growth Rule, Skowhegan Wooden Rule
Timeline Growth Rule, Skowhegan Wooden Rule
Timeline Growth Rule, Skowhegan Wooden Rule

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