L Squares

Glass Cutter L Squares

This is the traditional wooden “L” square used by glasscutters, picture framers, metal workers and wood workers.

Glass Cutter L-Square Wooden Rule

36-60 inch Glass Cutter ā€œLā€ Square


Product details:

  • Seasoned, hard maple squares are well finished natural wood with a clear protective coating.
  • Substantial corner braces are set in place with epoxy, and inlaid side plates with pins.
  • Blades are mortised through and securely riveted into the stock/base.
  • The stock/base is brass-bound on the inner face and has shoulders in both faces.
  • Bold markings engraved in the wood.
  • Large graduations in 1/8th inch increments appear on the outer edges of both sides.
  • Zero (0) falls at the inside of the stock.*






36″ Glass Cutter
“L” Square
1/4in x 3in
x 36in
07448 48″ Glass Cutter
“L” Square
1/4in x 3in
x 48in
07460 60″ Glass Cutter
“L” Square
1/4in x 3in
x 60in

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