Flat Wooden Rulers

Professional Wooden Rulers

Professional grade, flat wooden rules are used extensively in textile, upholstery, and woodworking manufacturing, as a “bench rule.” They are also preferred by professional teachers as an educational training tool in Manual Arts classes and Science Labs.

Flat Wooden Bench Rule Details:

Available Sizes: 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″
  • One-piece select, seasoned hard maple
  • Super-smooth, tough clear-coat protective finish
  • Protective brass end caps to prevent wear
  • Bold, precise and clear markings
  • Large graduations in both 1/8th inch and 1/16th inch increments on both edges of both sides

Item #





12″ Flat Rule 1/4in x 1.5in x 12in $18.24
07024 24″ Flat Rule 1/4in x 1.5in x 24in $20.38


36″ Flat Rule 1/4in x 1.5in x 36in $27.00
07148 48″ Flat Rule 1/4in x 1.5in x 48in $30.00
07160 60″ Flat Rule 1/4in x 1.5in x 60in $35.83
07172 72″ Flat Rule 1/4in x 1.5in x 72in $39.25

Contact us for bulk orders

Our professional wooden rules are also sold in bulk quantities; contact us for details.

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