Care & Handling

Wooden Rule Care and Handling


Care & Handling

  • As your rule ages, it may change slightly in color and take on unique characteristics of its own.
  • If the finish is damaged in any way, it should be resealed.
  • “Squares” should be hung by the stock.
  • Glass Rulers should be stored flat or hung straight up by the lip to prevent warpage.
  • Flat wood rules should be hung by the hanging hole provided.
  • Tools should be kept dry, clean and free from grease or grit.

If you own a Skowhegan Wooden Rule Company or Lufkin glass cutter “L” square or lip rule that is in need of refurbishing, send it to us, and we will provide you with an estimate for the repair. Please call our customer service department at 207-474-0953 for more information.

Any rules in need of refurbishing or warranty service should be sent to:

Skowhegan Wooden Rule Company, Inc.
Wesserunsett Road
Madison, ME 04950

Contact us for bulk orders

Our professional wooden rules are also sold in bulk quantities; contact us for details.

To place an order, please call

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